Elise Lowe Wedding:

Congratulations on your gallery opening, so exciting!
The pictures are wonderful and we love them so much, we can’t stop looking at them!
Thanks Katie!
Elise Lowe

Valerie Harbour wedding:

Can we choose a photo you shot for the cover of the Villager Newspaper? The publisher would like to place it on the cover for the September 4th publication.  I also wanted to send you a copy of The Villager, I will mail that out to you today. The cover of the Fleurish section with the photo you chose looks amazing. Thanks so much!  Valerie Harbour

Karen Perez mother of bride:

Katie,   I just wanted to let you know that I received the pictures. They are awesome! You really captured the beauty of the whole day. Lauren truly is not always that photogenic. You really did a great job.  Thank you for creating these wonderful memories of the wedding for us. If you ever need a reference, we are one of your biggest fans.    Karen Perez

Kate Anderson wedding:

Wow!  The photos are awesome we can’t stop looking at them. There are so many to go through and we did not realize how many photos you were taking.  Your assistant was great giving us drinks while you were shooting as well be sure to tell him thanks for all his help.  You made us feel so comfortable.  Kate Anderson

Shannon Sturcken wedding:

YAYAYAY…thank you so much Katie.  Cant wait to get back from the honeymoon and write you a killer review on the knot.  You were such a pleasure.

Pam Nicholson wedding:

I got tears in my eyes on some of the photos Katie.
As soon as I get a chance I’m going to write you a righteous letter of recommendation.

Gina and Nate wedding:

You are truly an amazing talent with a good, kind heart and soul.  And we gotta tell you, that you meant the world to us on our wedding day!  Our guests have been showering you and your team with compliments… nothin’ but love!  Again thank you for making our wedding day worry free and beautiful.  You will forever be a part of our beautiful, happy wedding day memories.  Gina and Nate

Ron Lewis photographer:

I wanted to let you know that I was highly impressed with your approach to covering the wedding last Saturday night.  Your demeanor and photography style were superb, and I am quite sure the results reflect this!
As a professional photographer and former wedding photographer, you can be sure that I watch every move the official wedding photographer makes…I often don’t care for how they work, but that was not the case for you.
Thank you so much for what you did and I am sure the newlyweds will be thrilled with your album!

Did you run out and buy a 24-70 Nikon Zoom?  I sure love that lens!

I will be attending the drag races at Bandimere in July so maybe you will end up with an assignment there and I’ll run into you again-

Good luck with your business (but you don’t need it J  )

Ron Lewis
Ron Lewis Photography