Portfolio: Wedding


This gallery is a portfolio of weddings we have shot in locations such as the Rocky Mountains and all over the world.  Feel free to click on any images above to blow them up as well as clicking on other pages of photos that are numbered above.Many were shot here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, near Studio KIva Photography’s Breckenridge, Colorado base. Katie and Victor have lived in the Rocky Mountains for the past 16 years so they know a lot of fantastic locations that make stunning backdrops. Ask them about panoramic shots, something special they like to do for wedding couples.

Most of the time they take a photojournalistic approach and you won’t even be aware they are shooting. This naturalistic style helps capture real moments in time. They like to keep things simple and loose so people don’t feel uncomfortable and end up looking stiff or unnatural in their photographs. (Katie will make use of all types of lenses when shooting your wedding. She won’t just stick to a single zoom lens throughout the entire ceremony.)

Katie knows that the simple truth of great photography is that the more comfortable you feel with your photographer, the better the images will be.

Katie would love to meet you and get an idea of the shots you are looking for on your special day.

There prices are extremely affordable, especially for what you receive, and they give you unlimited flexibility in choosing packages. Katie would be glad to send you a packet of information or set up a meeting with you.

Feel free to send them an email or call with any questions.