Portfolio: Extreme Portraits

TOUCH ON IMAGES ABOVE TO SEE FULL IMAGEWant to show the real you in your own element?  Studio Kiva can be there to capture you being you and doing what you love. Here are a few examples of folks showing who they really are. Katie Girtman is all about showing the extreme you!

Studio Kiva will shoot you snowboarding off a cliff, skiing off a courness or whatever is extreme to you. They will even shoot a bride hanging off a cliff in a climbing harness is she so desires. Horseback riding engagement shots are another romantic idea you may want to try and do or just dipping your toes in a stream.

If you would like just something a little more mild but unique they have the shoot for you. Would you like to have your own fashion session? Or would you like us to take you to a beautiful location with a waterfall. Whatever you choose we can help.  Studio Kiva will provide a custom package for you and your needs.  We can include a consultation, hair stylist, makeup artist, and you can even get a tan.   They provide special packages for  parties, and you and friend fashion shoot.  Ask for any of our special packages:

Bridal Fashion Package

You and a friend Fashion Package

Party Package

Engagement Fashion Package

Sports Extreme Package

Photo Party Package